My C-Section recovery week 4

My C-Section Recovery Week 4

Day 1: Day off. Just cleaned house and laid low.

Day 2: I ran stairs over my husband’s lunch. Although it wasn’t much of a run nearing the top. Interested to see how I fare in the upcoming stair climb race since these HURT. But I got 100 flights in over his lunch break despite being late – and my legs were pleasantly shaking when walking back to the car. It was also cute seeing my toddler chase me up every time I passed by. At least I’m motivating – if not pretty.

Day 3: I set up our sand bags and bucket carriesโ€ฆ did some math and realized my bucket carry of 50kg was over 100lb. Whoops. It felt fine though.

Day 4: My first glorious jog with the double stroller home from coffee with the run groupโ€ฆ just about 10k and it was much easier to be back out than anticipated. Definitely less taxing than pushing a single stroller pregnant.

Day 5: I had a morning of personal training clients and no workout of my own save for a 20 minute jog.

Day 6: First time out with my bootcamp! We ran to the track and lunge walked 400m which made my booty hurt in a fabulous way for days. Although I suspect one of them broke in and lowered my toilet seat on me.

Day 7: Today I ran 8k out to coffee with a friend and then 8k home -pushing the double stroller. What a good workout on the hills. Surprisingly I felt great outside of having stiff shoulders and an empty fuel tank by the time we got home (oops – did I forget to eat?) We also stopped at the Parkour gym on the way home for their toddler gym time. I couldn’t believe the struggle it took to get myself up and over the walls. Upper body strength has dwindled.

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