Nathan Hydration Pack OCR Review

I just fell in love with the Nathan Firecatcher pack at the Spartan World Championships and wanted to tell the world.

I was worried my other pack was too heavy in the days leading up to the event, and I was lucky to get my hands on a Firecatcher.

It was the perfect pack for the race and here’s why:

1. I forgot it was there, even when it was wet. It didn’t rub, it wasn’t heavy, it didn’t interfere with any obstacles. I hardly even noticed it while rolling through the barbed wire. The chest straps go all the way around to hug you in.

2. Speaking of barbed wire, the construction just so happens to be perfect for obstacle course racing. There’s nothing to snag on the bag in the barbed wire and you can stick your nutrition in the drawstring pockets in the front… no zippers to get muddy and stuck. Plus, the extra pocket for wrappers is awesome: littering will get you DQ’d. The material is light and unlike other packs, holds almost no water. Yet, even though I caught it on the low slung barber wire, it came right off, didn’t damage and cleaned up like new.

3. The bladder pocket holds just enough water for most OCRs without having such a large bladder to roll over.

4. It looks cool. It just does.

I even had a bunch of compliments, running past people on the trail. Probably for number 4.


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