Obstacle Coaching

If you ask me, there’s little debate. Obstacle race athletes are the most functional humans on the planet today. Able to take on the most basic of human tasks with efficiency and skill, OCR (obstacle course race) athletes are proof that we are all capable of reclaiming natural human fitness.

Depending where you are on your journey, it might seem like an impossibly long way to go to get to where you want. But it all starts with that step. You are capable of amazing things. All that matters is how hard you’re willing to work to get them.

Obstacle course racing is more than playing in the mud (but that part is AWESOME). It’s about reconnecting with your human physical potential.

If you’re looking for some guidance on the journey, I’m here to help. On the Obstacle Coaching platform, you get the following list of things for $149 USD /month.

  • A Periodized Obstacle Training Plan Tailored to Your Goal – whether it be a Spartan Sprint… Toughest Mudder… or even WTM
  • Unlimited Email Access to Me (your personal coach)
  • Racing Strategy & Pacing Advice
  • A Customized and Progressive Strength & Conditioning Program by a Level 2 Spartan SGX & SOS coach – and the Person who literally wrote the Training Manual on OCR Coaching
  • Ongoing Video Movement Analysis and Movement Videos via the True Coach Platform
  • Minimal Equipment Requirement